Why should your workplace have a cycle shelter?

Employee riding a bike to work


For years, cycling in the UK has been considered more of a sport than a means of transport. This is quickly changing with more and more people preferring to ride their bike to work/school rather than walk or drive. The new kid on the block happens to be your oldest friend, huh! With this trend comes adjustments. It falls upon you the employer to ensure your employees have a place for their bikes. Hence a cycle shelter.

While it may seem like an expensive investment, bike shelters go a long way to creating a conducive working and learning environment in the following ways;

  1. Enhanced Security

Bikes can be quite costly. An unattended bicycle is prone to theft and vandalism. Indeed, Cyclist News reports close to 400,000 cases of bike thefts each year. A cycle shelter assures your employees of a ride back home from work.

Learning institutions have not been left behind in establishing school cycle shelters for their students. After all, which principal wants to answer to a furious parent in view of a stolen bike?

  1. Weather Proofing for Bicycles

Extreme weather conditions can do quite an injustice to bike owners. Excessive heat or cold could see the cyclist incur heavy costs to fix rusty steel frames, a stained chain, worn leather, weak attachment hardware etc. All the same, work and school cycle shelters provide protection from such.

  1. Health Benefits

Cycling has never been healthier. By putting up organization or school bike shelters, you are encouraging more of your subjects to ride their bikes to and from work/school. A study by YMCA shows a wellbeing score difference of 32% between individuals who live a physically active lifestyle and those who do not.

From relieving stress and anxiety, to general fitness, to energy boost, cyclists can owe their good health to those short trips they make on almost a daily basis. Also, employees/students who cycle have an enhanced brain performance andare likely to be more effective compared to those that drive or walk.

  1. Cheerful Employees

Employees that cycle to work are deemed to be happier than the average lot. In reality, a positive feeling ignites an able mind. Hence cyclists make effective team players and collaborators. Professor Andrew Oswald reported organizations that invest in employee sustenance and satisfaction are successful in bringing about happier workers.

Employers have gone as far as offering incentives to cycling employees. Like that’s not enough, some companies even have their own bikes for lending to workers to run errands during workdays. By installing a cycle shelter, you are endorsing cycling as a way of boosting your workforce morale.

For this reason, there is increased staff retention as everybody does what’s required of them. This follows a steady economic growth for your enterprise.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

Studies have shown that a morning drill such as cycling can raise employee productivity by a fair 15% and reduce task errors by 27%. Furthermore, bicycle purchasing scheme, Cycle Scheme, reported employers whose employees cycle record an approximate business profitof 32,000 Euros in one year. Sustran’s CEO Malcom Shepherd states that bike shelters and showers in an office should be as common as a printer and a coffee machine.

Feels good when your workplace productivity is not affected by sick days, doesn’t it? What of your highly punctual and more energized staff members? Well, cycling to work has its perks.

  1. Supporting Sustainability Commitments

As an employer, take responsibility in ensuring the city you operate in remains in good atmospheric conditions to facilitate the smooth running of activities. Providing a secure cycle parking’s a start. This goes for schools too.

Transportation emissions account for the largest amounts of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Encouraging commuters to take up alternative modes of transport such as cycling puts a limit on air pollution by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. A sustainable world equals a healthy and productive generation.


In conclusion, bike shelters are fast gaining popularity among workplaces. UK nationals are settling for cycling as a common mode of transport. Thus a healthier and happier workforce. Cycle parking assures cyclists of security and weather proofing for their bikes. The world is a better place with lesser vehicles emitting destructive fumes into the air. With every employer looking to increase their productiveness, it’s the high time you looked at cycle shelters as an investment rather than an expense.

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